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When to Wax

Facial waxing is not uncommon when preparing for your makeup appointment or wedding day. Most wax their eye brows but it's also common to wax the upper lip or chin as well.

Did you know that when you get waxed matters? I have seen it happen too many times in my career my clients get waxed close to their appointment date and the makeup just does not stick. Here is why...

When you get waxed it takes off the top layer of dead skin and exposes your pores making it very difficult for the makeup to grip to your skin. Your skin also is prone to negatively react to product and breakout after waxing so it is always best practice to wait a day or two before applying makeup.

It is still highly recommended to groom the brows and any facial hair prior to your appointment to get the best results, but try to set your wax appointment 3-5 Days before your makeup appointment. You will still have a clean polished look after 3-5 days but the skin will have time to recover so that your makeup application is flawless.

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