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Shopping for a Makeup Artist

So you have a special event coming up and you want to look your best? Fair enough, don't we all! There is surprisingly quite a bit of work that can go in to picking out your artist, but there are 3 Easy Steps that will help you along the way.

By the end of this blog post my goal is that you will be empowered to make a confident decision in the makeup artist you choose to hire for your wedding, birthday, or photoshoot.


Step 1:

Look at their work

Take the time to really research the artist you are considering. Thoroughly observe their social media pages, and their website! Do you notice a pattern in the style of their work and does it align with how you want to look? Are they very natural, full glam, somewhere in the middle, or maybe a little of everything? It is important that you establish before inquiring that most of their work aligns with how you want to look that day. Basically what I am telling you is to stalk their instagram LOL Take note to little details in their work.


Are you funny about your eyebrows?

Pay special attention to how the artist fills in the brows of their clients.

Do you find that your skin tone is particularly difficult to match?

Look at how they are able to match their clients who share a similar skin tone to yours.

Step 2:

Date and Price Inquiry/Budget

Now you have found the artist that you love, and it is time to contact them. I suggest in your first email inquiring about their availability for your date, as well as prices. Including to much information in your first email can get lost in communication, and the artist may not even have your date available. After taking so much time to type up a long message it would be kind of disappointing to find they are not available!

Side Note:

If your artist is not available, always ask for a referral.

Inquiring may potentially be the hardest part for many because sometimes your favorite choice may be out of your price range. When it comes to makeup you 1000% get what you pay for, but you still cannot ignore your budget, so be sure upon receiving prices that they align with what you can afford before moving forward.

Step 3:

The Trial

A few things to keep in mind about trials is they are not necessarily a "try before you book" because by this point you have already decided that based on their work they have the skills to create a look that will suit your fancy, and you have come to the conclusion that they are within your budget. The trial is an opportunity to sit down and consult with the artist to create a customized look ahead of time to see if there are any tweaks you would like to make to the look. Also some artist include trials, but most have a separate charge. Surprisingly during trials just as much if not more product is used to create the look so it is not uncommon for the trial price to be the same as the day of.

FUN FACT: Try to strategically schedule your trial on the same day as another event you are having, a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or a work event!

After the trial is complete it is time to book!!! Look out for a separate blog post soon on booking your artist.

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