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Booking Your Makeup Artist

So your favorite artist is available and now it is time to book...but what next? What can you expect when booking an artist?

Below is a chronological timeline of what typically follows next.


1. Trial Runs-

As mentioned in the previous article "Shopping for a Makeup Artist" we briefly talked about the purpose of a trial run. Contrary to popular belief a trial run is not solely to see whether or not you like the artist.

Trials are for the planners and the folks who like to have an idea of what they will look like ahead of time, it takes the guessing out. This is the time to take note of what you want to tweak...darker lips, a little less glitter, or a winged liner instead of a smokey liner.

Let the artist do their thing and then discuss changes


Let the artist know how you want to feel and the general look you're going for and then allow the artist do your makeup as they would recommend. At the end take note of the things you would like to change and your artist should take note of what colors, products and techniques they used.

2. Service Count

This part can be tricky! Maybe you're getting married and have a few difficult bridesmaids pitching a fit about the prices of your artist (and having to pay), maybe some want to bring in their own artist, or maybe you haven't finalized the number of people in need of makeup. 89% of the time you will need know this number in order to proceed to step 3. Save yourself the stress and have a general idea of this number AND be confident that it more than likely will not change.

Wedding party by Barry Beauty in Grasse, France


Book your entire party for services to keep the look in photos consistent, and come on let's be honest we all have that one friend who thinks they can do makeup LOL ! (side note most artists have a min. headcount in order to book in advance).

3. Sign Contract and Pay a Deposit

Most professional makeup artists require two major things to lock in your reservation...a contract and a deposit. On some occasions the contract and deposit come before the trial, but it really depends on the artist.

The contract may include things like cancellation policies, policies in relation to making changes to your invoice, payment terms, the number of services you are purchasing, and your information for the day your services will be performed. This contract also acknowledges that you have been fully informed of pricing and agree to pay those prices.

Most of the time the deposit that you pay once signing the contract is non-refundable. Being working makeup artists make a living off of doing makeup, cancellations can really make a huge impact on their ability to make that living. The deposit encourages clients to stand true to the commitment they make with the artist.


The contract issued by your artist is legally binding so be sure before signing the contract that you have thoroughly reviewed its stipulations, and that you feel very well informed on the pricing of the artist.

Now that you have booked the artist, your full invoice on most occasions will not be due until one week prior to your service. If you booked way ahead of time, it isn't a horrible idea to stay in contact with your artists leading to the day of!

To book with Barry Beauty CLICK HERE

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