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Barry Beauty COVID Protocol

Due to the 2019-2020 outbreak of the Corona Virus (COVID-19), our business is taking

extra precautions with the care of every client to include health history review and enhanced sanitation/disinfecting procedures in compliance with CDC guidance.

We at this time ask that clients have no guests present when services are performed. If you are a group booking, please ensure that social distancing or masking is implemented when you are not receiving services. As of May 1st all clients or persons receiving services will be required to sign a COVID-19 waiver.

Our business prior to COVID-19 followed the below practices to keep our clients safe.

• Use of disposable makeup wands

• No double dipping into products

• Sanitizing of hands between each client

• Deep cleaning of brushes prior to each service booking and sanitizing of brushes

between each client if the booking included more than one person back to back.

• All products and tools sanitized with 70% Alcohol prior to each booking and

between each client if the booking includes more than one person back to back

• Use of stainless-steel palettes and spatulas to custom mix foundations sanitized

between each client.

Additionally, we have now implemented the below practices.

• All Independent Contract Artists and Hair Stylists working under the Barry Beauty

name will be required to wear a mask at all times while performing services and

interacting with clients.

• A handwashing will be performed for a minimum of 20 seconds in addition to hand

sanitizer between each client.

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